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It's official: The Two Guys from Andromeda are back

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Just curious, was the interview that the Guys' site has pictures from in the gallery (with Scott wearing the "More Cowbell" t-shirt) ever posted anywhere?

I think those shots were from a podcast interview that was done many moons ago with Scott by Chris Pope. Which remains unreleased. Maybe we'll finally get to hear it someday.

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Er, Chris Pope - not our Datadog. :) Just to avoid any confusion.

Datadog was declared Pope? Congrats! :wink:


Seriously, though, I'm excited about the idea of a podcast. I wonder if they're thinking only in terms of news about the upcoming SPACEVENTURE, or if they'll delve back into the Space Quest days as well.

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Oh, the connection with Space Quest will always be there, indelibly and indubitably. I don't think it was ever an intention to somehow distance themselves from their past exploits. In fact, quite the opposite. I have the feeling that if they could, they would be making a full-fledged Space Quest game right now.

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