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Back with a Vengeance


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Well, they did it. They finally did it. I was perfectly content to finally let go of my mental death grip on Space Quest and allow myself to drift off into the far reaches of the Internet. SQ would be nothing more than a memory - a part of my life whose time had passed, but whose spirit would always stay with me in my heart, warming my soul and carrying me forward to greater things.


And then hell froze over.


Suddenly, I felt a powerful pulling sensation - as if some unseen force was trying to snatch me away from my comfortable burrow in the dark corners of the Web. I tried to resist, tried to fight it - but it's no use. Space Quest is back...and so am I. :D


The long-timers will probably remember me - I'm that long-winded, vaguely annoying fellow prone to making long, wordy posts full of unsolicited opinions, unwarranted rants, unapologetically lame jokes, and an undeserved sense of self-satisfaction. I'm a pretty un-assuming sort of fellow overall, in fact. :P (See? There's one now.) All joking aside, though, it's fantastic to see so many familiar names on the forums, including some I haven't seen since long before the fall of SQ (Holy crap, Troels is here!?).


Now that there's actually Space Quest stuff to talk about again, you can go ahead and brace yourselves for the inevitable hurricane of prattle coming your way, courtesy of me. First on the list: an in-depth analysis of why exactly VSB and Incinerations are so freakin' awesome, to be posted in the near future.


And one final note: those of you who think the title of this post is just a trite phrase? Think again.



P.S: Hey, my old login from 2006 is still here! How cool is that? :D

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Cappy! Welcome back! ;)


My sources indicate you may still occasionally hang out with Jeysie, is she coming back too?


First on the list: an in-depth analysis of why exactly VSB and Incinerations are so freakin' awesome, to be posted in the near future.

I wouldn't mind reading that :)
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Aww, thanks guys. You're the best. :cry: It's always nice to return to an old stomping ground and not be chased away by a torch-and-pitchfork-bearing mob.


...wait, what sources? :|


Sadly, I can say more or less for certain that BLusk and Jeysie probably won't be back anyime soon. The three of us used to participate in an IRC pen-and-paper roleplaying group - I still do, actually (I DM for them, even), but the other two have since left. BLusk has been having more kids, and by this point is knee-deep in responsibility - between his rather time-demanding job and family, he wasn't able to stick to our RP schedule (although he still sometimes drops by our chatroom to chat a bit now and then). Jeysie, meanwhile, is suffering from finincial issues that have her a bit too stressed out to hang around like she used to. She *does* still participate in a fan community - just not this one. ;) I may have 'accidentally' gotten her to watch the Transformers live-action movie back in 2007 and managed to convert her into a TF fan. Heh heh. :roll: She's still around, though.


I also stay in contact with Vizz via e-mail. In fact, he's the one who delivered the news to me that the SQ2 remake, VSB, and Incinerations were finished and got me into this whole mess to start with. Thanks a lot, buddy. :D

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Yeeeaah...I'll take your word on that, Frans. :blink: *grabs a fresh chair*


Also, remember what I was just saying about my old login still being here? Well, scratch that. <_< The new board upgrade caused some sort of issues with my login - presumably because it has an apostrophe in it. (Stupid nonstandard characters). I've had to set up a new account, with a new, delightfully creepy avatar - bonus points to anyone who recognizes it, mostly because anyone who does probably won't want to admit they played the game in question (although for the record, it's one of my favorites). Any and all Ascii-related queries should be directed at *this* account - the other will no longer be used.

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