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hi all


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At the risk of causing some people to explode, do we think that we'll actually get a Prototype #4, or at least a Prototype #4 that's much of a revision of #2 and #3? There's only 4 days to go, and 500k looks like it's going to follow quickly on the tail of 400k (well, it will have to otherwise the KS will fail...). Will they leave most of the major changes until after the end of the Kickstarter?


I'm not saying there wont be a #4 - nor am I saying it won't come quickly - but I wonder what we'll actually get (unless, of course, they've been hard at work on it putting bells and whistles on to use as a big draw for the final day or two).

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Oh, absolutely, but things change. I get the feeling they added a lot more than they were originally intending to #2, resulting in a slightly less revolutionary #3. That and all the whining over Chrome forced them to show they could quickly port to other browsers in #3 too. (Although you could argue that this was revolutionary in itself.)

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Mwardie, I don't know if you're trolling or innocently impatient, but I've asked you before and I'm going to ask again. Please don't make double posts. It clutters up threads. Also, please don't use centered or strikeout text unless there's a purpose for it. It makes your posts hard to read on certain displays.


We've already told you everything we know. We need to get to $400k to get another prototype. We've made over $400k now. It will come soon. Nobody has any more information. It adds nothing to keep asking and asking. It'll be out when it's announced.


Thank you! :)

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