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TGFA Kickstarter Fan Art Project


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Folks; my wife & I have been thinking about this for about three weeks now, but backer Maya commented, in the aftermath of funding, that we ought to put together a celebratory fan art collage. I agree, at least to celebrate the difficult journey that project had in getting funded, if for no other reason (like a tribute or something).


I have no idea how or in what way it will come together, but I made this topic to spark discussion. This will be fun, I think!


So... SpaceVenture Kickstarter community... what do you think?


Should we do something like this?


What form should it take? Physical, digital, etc? Video? Something else?


Incomplete list:





  • http://www.youtu.be/D8SrJhYTJOQ
Nelson Miguel:
  • http://youtu.be/4wvKc8n0-aY
  • http://youtu.be/j4qMKZzLebM
Don C.:
  • http://youtu.be/2whYTeEeD_s
Tawmis Vohaul:
  • http://www.youtube.com/user/tawmisvohaul/videos
Jason Ferron (SkyeFyre):
  • http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5040A73185222ACF
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DbuYU8e-ro
Numerous "Nyan Cat" videos and "It's a Wonderful SpaceVenture" which I'll summarize and add later.




Aging Still:

Maya:David "Ohverture" Alexandrou:Guybrush20X6:Jason Ferron (SkyeFyre):Happy Cock Head:Jared87:Brandon Klassen:FroggyMe6581:Decaffeinated Jedi (the entire LOLBlatz thread!)nextheory:Monolith_Pig: Poetry:


David "Ohverture" Alexandrou, 2012-06-11:


Ode To 218K


The Spaceventure got underway

And stalled around 218K

But you increased pledging power

While I was in the shower

And funded this bastard TODAY!


There are also haiku and my terrible limerick (which had one malformed non-rhyming stanza). If anyone else has, knows-of/remembers, or wants to author some more, that would be awesome, too. These could be read aloud to be dubbed over imagery by a KS backer with a golden voice (as yet to be found)... I (or Mrs. S.D.) could probably do it reasonably well. If we have trained voice actors amongst our KS backers, that would be much better.




So, I'm not sure here... there is lots of music from before the Kickstarter associated with the fan games. However, as far as fan music authored for the KS project, I only know of the as-yet-forthcoming "Ballad to 218K" that Ohverture is composing right now.

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*just registered, thanks to you pointing this out to me* :)


I think a video could work if we have someone who wrote a song or something for the project too, which could work as background music -- not sure if anyone did or not, because I know I missed a lot of stuff while sleeping. then again, a digital collage could work as well, which could also be printed out into a physical form if necessary (like if someone wanted to mail it to the guys)


I'm glad you think the idea is a good one too -- I just think it shows in a fun way the kind of love people have had for this :)

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I was just going to mention that this community already has an extremely competent musician in MusicallyInspired, but you announced yourself before I could embarrass you with gratuitous praise prior to your arrival.


Ah well, I suppose it will have to go here, after your post :P

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Thanks, but I didn't come here giving praise to myself. Someone beat you to it. :) I just responded.


It could be a downloadable video file slide show set to space questy music (I'm looking at you Musically Inspired)


Besides, this community has a number of extremely competent musicians.

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Folks, when I arrive home, I'll start posting up URLs below my top post (in a list, like the Press Mentions thread) from Mrs. S.D.'s list.


Filip, I think that fan games absolutely do count, and yours is timely and the humor relevant to the Kickstarter, that it would be shame not to include it somehow. In terms of collage, they would fit into a video better than anywhere else.


We can ask Akril how she feels about PledgeQuest's inclusion in a fan project.


Irishmile, your deviantart page makes it convenient to find all of your work, so I won't link anything out specifically, especially with you collecting all your SpaceVenture fan art into a gallery just for it.


We also had web comics from SkyeFlayme and Ohverture; I'll ping them and see if they'd like to be involved.

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Fantastic, folks! I still need to post that list of collected works up; unfortunately it's late where I am now, and she's already asleep. So, I'll post it tomorrow. By the way, I have no videography or editing skills worthy of public consumption. So, we'll still need a resource for that.

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A collection of some of the Twinkie Nose Tuesdays (me and Alan)



And these I also did (but not for SpaceVenture, but there was a spike in interest/viewers)...


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Be sure to remember Brandon from sierra-archive's flier at:



And you can include pictures of it "in the wild" as posted by me, if you'd like:


Posted Image


Or (not as good in my opinion):


Posted Image



(The links will take you to a much larger image, better for including in the video)


Edit: Also, the images from the hottest new meme on the Interwebz, LOLBlatz, as started by Decaf Jedi, could/should be included in the video. Here's my contribution:





and here are the others:


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S.D. I know this one was not directly related to TG, put people need a link to this one as well.



Yeah, while it isn't directly SQ related, it is so relevant that I agree, it should be included. Actually, Mrs. S.D. found the KS profile of the dude that posted it so we can ask permission and credit him properly as well.

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S.D. - the colon is missing from the link to the Aging Still Image.


Edit: Actually, also from the last one by Jared87


Yep, they've been fixed for about a week now.


A collection of some of the Twinkie Nose Tuesdays (me and Alan)



Yeah, the Twinkie Nose Tuesdays would be a fantastic addition! You definitely deserve some payoff for all that twinkie consumption...


I'll have to steal Chris's avatar as well.

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