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Exogenesis: Cryospore - Sci/Fi Point & Click Adventure


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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to let people know about a game that we’ve been working on for the last couple of years. I made a post quite a while ago about it but the project has changed significantly since then. It was a little slow to get off the ground but we’re finally at a point where production is really ramping up. We’re aiming for a December 31st release date for Chapter 1.


Heavily inspired by Sierra & Lucasarts games of old, Exogenesis: Cryospore will be true science-fiction, exploring both the universe and the human condition.


The first Chapter will see us introduced to Kayla, a 22-year-old biogenetics student who is on vacation visiting her father on the Cryospore, an ageing military ship that has been re-purposed for deep space research in the middle of the Vela nebula. One of the ship’s navigation instruments has a calibration problem and her father has asked her to check it out as he’s busy in the lab. I don’t want to ruin the story so I’ll stop there.


This will be a 3rd-person point-and-click adventure game, and ideally we’ll release on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.


Please visit our website for more screenshots -



Ask away with any questions you may have! :)



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Also I thought it might be worth reposting a comment I made over at the Adventure Gamers forums when asked about the reasons behind going with an episodic format - 


...what I am trying to create is a universe that will work well in an episodic format. Think of Star Trek TNG and the way in which each episode has a self-contained story arc but also contributes to a broader overarching story.
The ideas and concepts that can be explored within the boundaries of an adventure game are enormous. Ideally there will be enough momentum for this to become a series that continues for years as I have a lot I’d like to explore in the within the medium of the game.
There's a game mechanic that makes sense within the story that will allow Kayla to gradually explore various regions of the galaxy, where short stories will play out - self-contained but ultimately each will contribute to the broader story. Each short story will instill personal growth in your character - Kayla will learn more about life, existence, and the universe - and hopefully so will the player.
Good science-fiction gives us pause for reflection. Great science-fiction makes that experience awesome and cathartic. That’s what I want Exogenesis to achieve.
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Not really, besides two-parters. The only time a story arc was connected by another episode was Too Short A Season and Conspiracy where an old Admiral friend of Picard's was paranoid about a corruption taking over the Federation. But it never went any further than that. There were reoccurring characters (like Lore and the Borg), but they were self-contained and not really arcs.


Wil Weaton actually was looking forward to continuing story arcs, especially with Conspiracy, but was sad that it never really happened. They didn't start that kind of thing until DS9.

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I consider the individualisation of some of the Borg to be a story arc which kicks off with "I, Borg". And you could also argue that every Q episode is part of a story arc that goes on from the beginning of the show to the end. I would also argue Lore has a bit of a story arc - he ties heavily into Data's own evolvement, which is a major part of the show.


But overall, TNG started off a lot of things it sadly never got to finish. The chestbuster-like parasites seen in season 1 (which were ultimately replaced by the Borg) and the alien abductions spring to mind...

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TNG did add to the ST future history, but that is different than some kind of over arching story. And except for the two parters, no cliffhangers. Over reliance on cliffhangers make many walk away, especially if there is too much wait between episodes. It is why I eventually gave up on Bab5.

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Also, nice "Star Quest 3" poster in the bedroom. :)

I totally agree. The time it took me to get the reference could be counted in tenths of seconds. I looked at your screenshots, Spybreaka, and Exogenesis's artwork seems great! Another space-related series of adventure games with great artwork just make me just think of one word : "Awesome!".

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What's the engine for this project? Might a Linux/SteamOS port be feasible?

After some (inevitable) project delays, we've reconsidered using Unity and will be sticking with Visionaire Studio. Depending on how things progress that potentially allows us to release for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. 

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