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  1. Ah, I did not know that. Incidentally, troflip (author of SCI Companion that I mentioned earlier) was kind enough to provide the source for SQ4 and SQ5 courtesy of his (in progress) SCI script decompiler. HE said it's not complete yet and some portions are still in asm and not all of it is included, but it should be much easier to get a grasp at what is going on in the time pod room. I've looked over it already. The frog instance is there just like it is viewed in SCI Viewer, but it contains a method called DoVerb that seems to have something to do with time codes (so what you say makes sense
  2. Incidentally, troflip, author of SCI Companion (a tool used to create SCI0 games), is making an update to his tool so that we will finally be able to make VGA SCI games! ALSO, he's working hard on a decompiler which will allow us to examine SQ4's or any SCI game (up to SCI1.1) scripts so we can discover just how to trigger this event. Or even re-enable it if it's not already. :) :) http://sciprogramming.com/community for more details.
  3. OKAY So I've been scouring the game's resource files with SCI Viewer. I discovered something a little extra, though not at all helpful to actually get this thing triggered (at least not yet). I looked at the disassembled script, the messages resource, and the heap resource for the Time Pod room. According to the heap file, this is the frog's instance: instance frog of Sq4Feature { x = $0 y = $0 z = $0 heading = $0 noun = $0 modNum = $ffff ; -1 nsTop = $b7 ; 183, setMark
  4. I felt that way about Curse of Monkey Island, actually.
  5. Pretty much the same as pcj. Didn't know about Korea or Scott's feelings before and still disliked the style. I actually thought the Two Guys were responsible for it because of the Instant Replays. The only thing I really liked was the soundtrack.
  6. There's not much story to PQ either. It's just heavily procedure-laden.
  7. I can't see how there'd be an older version than DOS. It's not like DOS is newer and I always assumed that Sierra wrote DOS programs first before anything else...at least in the SCI era, AGI definitely wasn't on DOS first I don't think.
  8. Considering it was released before the first Space Quest, probably not.
  9. Cartoony =/= 50's retro. There are various styles of artwork that are all cartoony. I really enjoy SQ5's artwork. But it's nothing like SQ1VGA's or SQ6's. There's a tremendous amount of detail in SQ6's backgrounds and I respect that. And while the characters are cel-shaded, at least they're not as bad as and much better animated than KQ7's. But as far as SQ1VGA's artwork, it's not the sprites and animations I have issue with, it's that round-edged 50's sci-fi look that's just so completely contrasting to the great work that Mark had put into the visual style of Space Quest. Space Quest's a
  10. I didn't say it was just the Inner Space angle. That's just one thing. And the only thing I can really 100% pinpoint. There are many things. The art style, Stellar, the soundtrack, the other characters. I also never said I hated the game. And I also don't hate SQ1VGA.
  11. The game's vibe, while good for what it is, just doesn't feel like Space Quest to me. The characters and writing do, I guess it's the story that doesn't. Especially the whole Inner Space angle. Not very interesting to me. I do consider it one of the funniest in the whole series, though.
  12. Wow. That's terrible. He (and his incredible voice) will be sorely missed. It's too bad he didn't make it for SV, but at least we all got to hear from him on the livestream back during the KS campaign. He was a good man.
  13. I wouldn't be against the bridle not being mentionedand I'm not against the fact that it is not visible on screen. I do agree that it's a little too far when you have to he standing in exactly the right position. I replayed it recently myself and even though I remembered and knew what to do it took me me a frustrating few attempts. Also, Rosella cleaning the dwarves house is right from Snow White. So, yeah. Different time. Like a hundred years ago.
  14. As far as I'm concerned Fate of Atlantis is better than Raiders and Last Crusade (the movies) combined. Love the vibe. Didn't like The Last Crusade game near as much. It was good, though. But too much enforced fighting. Unless it's just more of a harder puzzle to avoid fighting.
  15. Growing up I was always against metal. I didn't really understand what it was. I assumed it to be just loud noise and pointless aggression/animosity with no real respect for the music. Didn't know how wrong I was (I still believe some is, though). I "discovered" metal (or rather, discovered how great it is) via Metroid Metal in the beginning, and then video game covers in general after that (Dwelling of Duels and MAGFest stuff). It turns out "metal" is just what I would have called "guitar music". So I liked it and I didn't even know it. It wasn't evil sounding and dripping with mindless h
  16. A fair point, I just think that once the game comes out everyone will forget their misgivings about the lack of updates.
  17. I think we basically agree, we're just caught up on semantics. Peace. @suejak & Engineer Word.
  18. Well, no you're right. It may not be a need I didn't mean that, but it's not tied to responsibility either, in the same way that those who give to charity shouldn't expect anything. The only difference in this case is that you expect (or hope) that the game will be released someday. As far as pledging goes, nobody is owed anything but seeing the product released, and any rewards they may have pledged for. Even then, there's no guarantee and nothing is admissable in court.
  19. I accept that it's instinctual to want updates on how the project is going that you've backed, and even fair. But I don't accept that it's deserved. I'd question any campaign that didn't offer ANY updates whatsoever, but I wouldn't question their honesty or competence. Just their decency. Even AAA published games show a little bit every now and then. But not because they have to. Kickstarter IS charity. You are given no guarantee of anything but the fact that you're giving the creator of the campaign the chance to finish his/her/their project. Whether they do or not is entirely inconsequen
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