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Pajamas in Public?

Guest Anony46

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I know it's an old thread, but I think it looks dirty to wear pajamas in public. It seems like the person didn't shower or change after sleeping all night. Especially if they are still wiping gunk out of their eyes... I mean, come on now, can we please be civilized? Also, depending on where people are appearing in public, the unkempt and bedroom look not only shows a lack of self-respect and lack of appreciation for grooming/hygiene, but also shows a lack of respect for the people around the person in public and the setting in which they are appearing. I think a lot of the people wearing their pajamas in public are not just doing it because it is comfortable or because they like the look, but because they were too lazy to change after rolling out of bed, and that's why I associate it with dirtiness.


Please don't say this is an "American" thing, because I think this behavior would be frowned upon in many places here. This pajama look is probably more common among certain socioeconomic segments of the population. I have worked at a public courthouse and shop at Walmart occasionally; I am familiar with the various looks of the dregs of society and know of what I speak. But it's not at all that all people with less money are more likely to dress like that... the Korean immigrants in their ethnic enclaves here often don't have a lot of money yet don't often appear in public looking like slobs, from what I've seen.


I'm sorry if any of this sounds rude, and I don't care how much money someone has, but I think there is no excuse for going around looking like a dirty bum. Sure, it's not the worst thing in the world, and it doesn't mean the person is a bad person, but it's not a trend I'd like to see catch fire.

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Meanwhile, In Wales...



Thank you, Tesco! I am sorry, but that woman should be ashamed posing for that photograph and complaining about being told she can't go around like a slob in their store. Where is her sense of shame? I love her quotes in the article where she says, basically, that she's entitled to do what she likes and that others should be glad she's even shopping there. The article doesn't mention, though, if she's spending money she has earned or if she's on welfare, which was my first thought.


A commenter on that story:

"The sign in Tesco asking people to get dressed before doing their shopping is as depressing as the ones you see in the Post Office stating that staff won't tolerate abusive behaviour. In a civilised society these things shouldn't need to be said.

EdgeOfReason, St Albans, UK"


Exactly, person from St Albans.


It's bad enough going into Walmarts around here and not finding an employee who speaks English, and then you have to shop around people who look like recently-released prisoners with their underwear all hanging out and others who smell and appear to have just crawled out of bed with eye boogers still in tact. I think dress codes at Walmart (guess Tesco is the UK equivalent) would actually increase business overall if it keeps away the trash, since I bet that a lot of people don't even want to go to those stores when they think about the kind of people they would have to shop with.

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I have to say that in general, fair enough that it's better to have actual clothes in public, but I think there are more exceptions than have been previously stated, most notably being Arthur Dent, or indeed anyone who is eccentric/mad/in a hurry enough to carry off the public dressing gown look.


Also whilst in general I think it's a bad idea for people to not use real clothes, I'm opposed to regulating/restricting what people wear beyond perhaps a few very basic public indecency laws, it really doesn't affect me if someone wears pyjamas in a shop nearby. Also the line between nightwear and other clothing is actually really not awfully distinct.

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