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What if we won't make it?


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Datadog: There is no game right now. Other kickstarter projects are similar to this: until they get kickstarter funding the project hasn't really started yet... there's no funding.

Ah, but they haven't pitched a story idea either. When Al Lowe did his Kickstarter, backers knew they were getting a remake of Leisure Suit Larry. When Jane Jansen did hers, she pitched three story ideas and let the backers vote on them, so we all knew the general game ideas we were funding. I think SpaceVenture will get a lot more backers and a lot more mainstream sites will jump on promoting it once the Two Guys share their brilliant game idea with the world.

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Thanks for the analysis. I think you're right; it's about getting out there and pushing this thing. The content that's been coming out these past few days has been mind-numbingly cool. Hopefully, the Commentaries, the upcoming Reddit AMA and everything else will pull in the last backers. The business on Gamasutra and Kotaku really helped, too -- the angle on those articles were great (focusing not on the Kickstarter, but the 2GFA reunion) -- spreading those around might convince backers who haven't even heard of Space Quest.

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As usual the why and how of why people pledge or don't will alas be look upon in a narrowminded way.


I think the reason why people don't plegde are the following:

1) no money or kickstarter fatigue (i'm one of these, more first then latter)

2) no interest (can't do shit about these people)

3) no trust in the product


I personally feel a bit awkward when I see the Two Guys come together. Sure it's been a decade since their falling out and I'm not really keeping track of who said what to who but, to me, their body language sometimes seems awkward. No offence to the guys but it sometimes looks like "life hit them hard" and they're dragging themselves along. Their sarcasm which many people won't get or accept and the fact they "haven't made a game in..." which can be distorted by willing ears.

I've also noticed a large amount of negativity (people removing plegdes?) which is then countered by an overly sacharine optimism.


All this plus the fact people seem to think they need a game ready for them to pledge (sorry, Double Fine didn't give shit and most of the famous ones only have concepts much like this one). Sure it might help to give some info and tell people who that character is going to be and not use the "soon" tag when there's time ticking away especially when you know most people want Roger Wilco and Space Quest and not something that might be too different. And sure it might be great to avoid confusion in tiers and fuckups with updates but hey...


I'm also baffled by the amount of money that is asked (not only for this game mind you). Ofcourse people need to get payed for their work but... damn... Wouldn't it be nice to get 2000€ to work on my own game for the next year? Again, I'm flat-broke and struggling so these amounts ofcourse will baffle me but it tends to make one think: where does this money go?


Last but not least: the tiers (haven't checked the multiple changes) but I don't think many people, except hardcore fans, are interested in a drawing of themselves as an alien. Carmageddon gives you a game and some merchandising. I'm aware this crap costs money as well but as a very weary consumer Id rather have a Space Quest'ian gmmick like buckazoids or in-game stuff (LSL did a swell job of this) then a "mere" A4 drawing. It would be nice to have but for that amount other things can be bought (or not... it's Crowe's work ofcourse).




I hope this makes it and if it doesn't that the amount of money can be brought back to this amount on some other venue. I'm also willing to help in making the game for free but I don't see a company figuring something out for a dozain of free-work-labourors on an internet level (slacking being the most occuring problem. As a former mod-maker I can assure you that keeping a free-working team together is a daily chore).


So 200.000 left go go go

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I actually agree with a lot of what was said in that post, for a relative newcomer to the boards, great post :)


The comment on tiers especiall I think is apt. There is certainly something missing from the upper tiers.


Also, the point on the 2 Guys. Something's still not quite right in their camp. Can't quite put a finger on what it is, but there is some interesting body language.


Anywho, this is it, the home stretch (or not). We'll see if it succeeds or fails, then we'll see what comes next. One way or another, the Two Guys are together, and that a least is a good thing in itself.

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Sure it's been a decade since their falling out and I'm not really keeping track of who said what to who but, to me, their body language sometimes seems awkward. No offence to the guys but it sometimes looks like "life hit them hard" and they're dragging themselves along.

If you're talking about their videos, well it seems like that, but I think it's just a case of being shy in front of the camera. Hell, I know I would look the same... I have a terrible hate for cameras.

Not many of the people behind the Kickstarter projects looked good in front of the camera. They're simply people who are not used to this and they have to do with what they have. It's not fair to blame a game designer for not being charismatic on camera, seriously.

Not even Tim Schafer did much of a great job. He seemed very forced when trying to sound enthusiastic. He might well have been enthusiastic, but if felt like he was forcing it.

But, he's not an actor. So he shouldn't be judged on his charisma.


I understand that people put a lot of importance on visuals and appearance, though, and that's why I keep saying they should have more videos. They can avoid awkward moments by being short and to the point.

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Well I cringe at fake enthousiasm and I'm not bothered by how they look on-screen myself but looking at older videos of them VS now it's baffling. (Well maybe not baffling, they were younger then, most likely full of life and dreams and life happens but... idk)


Tim Schafer had his infamy going for him and most likely a great thing was that he's so "in-touch" with a couple of communities (Giant Bomb for example). Carmageddon has it's infamy as well, same for Shadowrun and some others I followed.

Larry was dominated by people being pissed of they shat on the brand with the last two gamers perhaps (I certainly was one of those as a passive backer).



But again, it's not ONE thing. Like said, if I was Shattner or some other loaded guy) it would be a cakewalk to drop 50.0000 to get my likeness in. And yeah, let's pray to the almighty gods that they'll make it, even if its with only 1€ extra.

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Yes, he tweeted that and it does seem supportive and sympathetic. However, in my personal opinion, one should not mistake him for a philantropic do-gooder just because of that. He is still very much a businessman. And like all businessmen, he must have his own motives. Things are rarely black or white in matters such as these.


Again, this is all my opinion. Doesn't reflect anyone else's, and nor does it reflect anything but speculation. And believe me, I actually kind of want someone to prove me wrong.

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As for the "there's something going on" argument about 2GFA's "stage presence" on video, I think it's safe to say that's just jitters. I mean, how would you feel if a) you're going to meet someone you haven't spoken to in 20 years, and who until recently you thought hated your guts, and B) you were starting up a new company with said person; one that could change your life forever, and c) you were asking fans that haven't really heard from you in 20 years to help you fund said company?


If it were me, they'd have to go through 20 takes just to get me to not shit my pants.

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I dunno, all the evidence from the fans would suggest that we're pretty fanboyish and superexcited to see the Guys. that (should) make it a lot easier, especially given Scott and Mark's extrovertish kind of personalities.


The Paul Trowe thing was a direct quote, but said as a joke, I wasn't serious in any way with my comment.

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I think we've made a leap in the last couple days towards this actually succeeding -- it seems like $60-80k would be pretty doable in the last 24 hours, which leaves a reasonable amount of time to get to that point.


The closeness of the "will-it-make-it" horse race will probably attract some attention. Doesn't seem like any real overhauls of the page or big surprises are in store... but who knows... Might not matter! Ha!


I can't wait for this Kickstarter business to be over!

$168k to never have to type "kickstarter" again is a deal!




And I actually think Paul's done fine by the Two Guys since his public tussle with this board (a few weeks ago) and apology... His efforts on behalf of this project have been handled with the same slightly-weird "Paul-Trowe-tone" as the Larry Kickstarter.... So I can't really say he was trying to do anything business-like, seems like that's just the way he phrases stuff [poorly, very open to misinterpretation]. So, I'm leaning towards thinking that tweet was just about "supporting the kickstarter" rather than something nefarious. (Paul's ongoing everyday struggles to do-the-right-thing are a pretty interesting twitter-show though).

[Alright, due to the Mixnmojo post, I'm crossing out the Paul stuff... ]

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