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Your SpaceVenture App store submissions go here!


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SpaceVenture will feature an in game App store(parody) that Ace can go to in order to get a couple of different apps that will help him solve certain puzzle elements in the game. We are holding a small contest that everyone can submit ideas/artwork for, and possibly get your contributions added to the game and your name in the credits!
Here is a look at our app store as it is right now:
You all probably have smartphones or tablets, so you can probably think about some of the things that have made you laugh(or cry) in dealing with those app stores over the years. We would love to use(steal) your ideas!
To enter the contest, you'll need the following:
  • A funny app name
  • A humorous description for your app
  • A square logo(512x512 minimum)
  • (Optional) A couple of fake reviews of the app

What do you win if your idea gets selected?


  • Your idea/artwork gets used in the game
  • Your name in the credits of the game
  • The envy of everyone in the Andromedan galaxy

Where do you submit this?


Reply with your submissions to this thread. We also ask you to post about it on twitter and/or Facebook. Tag us in the post, and we'll Like/Favorite it!


We don't have a set contest deadline just yet, but don't wait too long!

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I'll work on thumbnail ideas soon, but some ideas that come to mind include:


"Most Popular Apps in the Galaxy" App finder


"Roger Wilco's Rent a Janitor Emporium (Limited to residents of the Earnon Galaxy Only)"


"Dancing with the Andromedans Voting"


"Sal's Twinkies Diner"


"Back Alley Keycards-for-Internal Organs Scalping, Inc"


"Bender's Bending Service"

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I could make an icon, but it would be quite awful. Maybe you'll like the idea alone, or maybe someone else will be inspired by my juvenile sense of humor.


TabletToilet or iToilet or Toilet 2.0 or whatever, you get the idea


"For when you have to go, on the go!

Instructions: Place tablet on floor, squat, release and enjoy!."



5 star: "Wow! Amazing, best app!"

1 star: "Didn't work, huge mess."

1 star: "Scam, is just ad for electronics cleaning service."

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Wait Sim Lite

Tired of immediate gratification from your games? Wait Simulator has everything you need to draw out every ounce of fun from your device. Set it, but don't forget it! (SPOILER ALERT) That's how you lose the game.

"enjoyed the '1 week' and '1 month' IAPs" - planetl0rd626
"why are there ear-piercing notifications every morning at 4 AM that i can't shut off?" - sleepeebear1984
"Definitely the best use of your life." - abelinkin
"This generation's 'The Wall'." - RollingSt0n3d


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Well, as we all know, there needs to be a fart app. So let's call it....



An Odyne like farming game with bowel-turning action where you face off against feculant enemies blowing at you from every direction. Navigate through your field as monsters like Tough Chit, Wet Spade, Odipus, Silent Storm, Blovine the Bardbarian, Dumpster and Wind Breaker reek paths of destruction through your crops. With your trusty round rubber-headed lance, fight to keep your crops fresh. Each monster features their own individual noises and the ununiqe soundtrack feature will provide hours of enjoyment. Headphones optional.


"Play it with your friends!" - BackBlastSS

"Remember your headphones when you're at a funeral, speaking from experience here." - IamanIslandqq

"the oter side 'f FUNN!" - BABOONS12345

"Don't forget to wipe" - HenryTurdman


PS. Yes, the grammar errors and typos are intentional, and I have an svg of my terrible icon if you want too (I'm just not allowed to attach it here).


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To clarify, are these for a mock microtransaction system for the game? Like, "pay $0.99 for a hint, or $9.99 for the full walkthrough," or "$1.49 for a new skin for Rooter," or "$29.99 for the Earnon Galaxy DLC Expansion content," or "$4.99 to bypass one ingame puzzle" type of thing? Or just made up apps for the in-game universe?

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There also needs to be a flashlight app with pro in the name and a giant long list of permissions. I can't come up with it all right now, but here's an idea for it:


The Ultimate Flash Pro Lite (Demo) 50%OFF!!


The official app to use your Camera's flash to light your way in the dark! Super bright - better than a real flashlight!



* Turns your phone into a flashlight for over half a minute without overheating!

* Light up anything within range of your flash

* Keep your hands warm while holding it

* Large, easy to use on-off button

* Display keeps track of the flashlight's status




* Phone State & Address Book (To e.g. turn on or off when you're in a call)

* Full Internet Access (To e.g. keep track of updates)

* Admin Access (To integrate properly with your phone)

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If there's an app category section--Games


Farm Feud

Farm Feud follows the story of a small group of barnyard critters, and some mutual varmint acquaintances, who are fed up with life on the farm and are resistant to the inevitable journey to the slaughterhouse.


Convinced that the farmer is controlling the minds of the other animals by drugging the food and water supplies, our heroes decide to take it upon themselves to gather up any weapon they can make or find, in the event they are forced to fight back against their captor and his hired hands.


Unfortunately, they soon realize that their suspicions are correct and that the farmer's maniacal plans are more gruesome than they could have ever imagined -- building a partially-organic, somewhat-hormone-free, frozen meal empire.


Faced with a future filled with severed limbs, fatal-levels of preservatives, cardboard coffins, and freezer burn, the time for escape is now. They must kill their way through a blockade of the farmer's obedient, zombie-like army who are compelled to prevent our heroes from escaping.


Fling Kong


From a long line of ruthless, blood-thirsty, killer apes, Fling Kong, the black sheep of the royal Kong family, terrorizes his way out of the zoo and across the city the only way he knows how—by throwing poo. Join the mayhem and light a match as you follow along Fling's escape from imprisonment. Exact revenge against your captors and antagonizers with an arsenal of stool consistencies guaranteed to leave a mark or at least, make a splat. Prepare to bear down and grunt your way through countless environments in this fecal-flinging, wildly-messy, obscene adventure.







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Sir, is there any way you could reconsider the requirements for this contest? I think quite a few of us have great ideas, but no talent in Adobe Illustrator to create the logo.


I am confident you would get more participation if it wasn't required to make a logo. How about a hand-made sketch?

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ODOR Feeder



Odor Feeder scent generator, NEW version 3.14159
Makes scratch-and-sniff obsolete!
Relive memories! Recall Gramma's pies or your old gym locker.
Create your own smellicons!
Compatible with Send-A-Scent and Remote-Aroma.


Shnozzer: This app stinks. Really!! It's great!
Probe Ocis: Won't work with Stink-Link??!!




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Candy Flush


Exciting new puzzle game!
Clear candy clogs from the sweet sewer system.
Can you avoid sink traps and save the Golden Throne?
Hundreds of exciting levels, dozens of prestigious achievements!
Rechargeable plungers and special industrial chemicals to help you win those challenging levels.
FREE to play! (Optional in-game items will require payment. Credit plans and reverse-mortgages available.)


Gedda Lyffe: LUV ADDICTING GAMES!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 :-) :-)
d00fu55:  lame, only took me 1337 hours to beat it




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Duct Tape Review



Get the most comprehensive duct tape research, review and information app to help you find the right tape for your job.

View professional and consumer reviews along with a rich photo and video gallery experience.

Searchable by brand, star rating, feature, and keyword.

Find nearby dealers for the tape you need.

Write reviews, upload photos, give ratings, and add tips of your own!



Fanny Fiksette: Repaired a prom dress and a proton accelerator! Great app!

Dr. Jevilstein: Useful for my experiments, but need ratings for mouth-taping noise suppression.



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Name: Random Weather Forecast Generator


Description: How's the weather gonna be like tomorrow? Who cares! They'll be wrong anyway. After thousands of years of science development and technology, man has yet to master the art of weather prediction. Why take the time and effort to check the weather news when all you get is frustration and disappointment? Do yourself a favor and do it like the pros, take a guess and stick with it! If you guessed wrong, you could still blame it on El Nino.





NicePillows69: Hi! I kinda used your kinda weather forecast generator and it was kinda right sometimes!

ZeRealElNino: Hey you! Do not use ze name of El Nino. There is only one El Nino. I AM ze REAL El Nino. Nice app though.

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