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Space Quest Movie Poster

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Hi guys. Recently I made a fan poster for a Space Quest movie and I thought I'd share it here :)

Prints are also available here: http://www.deviantart.com/print/35674022/






I love the effort here but i'm not sold on this poster. First, $50? let's backer down a notch, there are way to many technical issues here that I just don't care to go into on this. I normally wouldn't care about this, but you put such a high price tag on this graphic that i'm not sure if you meant for that to be ANOTHER lame joke in addition to the poorly executed lens flair jab. Secondly, I'm not even slightly convinced that Alan Tudyk would do any justice to the role. He would bring such a cheep feel to the film rendering the movie to drab to watch. I would be pretty disappointed if he we're to play Rodger, way to generic and cartoonie for me. Look, I'm not trying to be an ass, but I just hate the positive affirmation others gave you for this amateur attempt. I think you should go back and try again. Maybe I'll take a stab at this and we'll see who's movie you would go see.  



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I don't know if I should congratulate HappyCockHead on a piece of trolling well done, or if the dude's actually serious.


As a guy who works with Photoshop on a daily basis, I think the technical execution of the poster is nigh flawless. Very impressive. Content-wise, eh, everyone has their own opinions. :)

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Ok, I have returned with a vengeance! A little over a week ago I called aardvark4lunch out on his repugnant rendition of a Space Quest movie poster. So today I bring you my rendition of Space Quest 4, the movie poster!!!




aardvark4lunch, please bask in the glory of this technical monster. I am a graphic designer by day and I get so nauseated by people like yourself, who plague the world with your terrible “art work” if you can call it that. Your the kind of person who thinks because you put a drop shadow or an outer glow in your work, people should be boggled by your abilities. Like I said before, normally I don’t care about your kinda white noise but it’s the fact that you expect so much in return and sadly you had some of these poor shlubs drooling over your dribble. 


Look, again I’m not trying to be an ass but people like you dry up the well for people like me. And yes Troels, this dude was actually serious.





I have a super high rez 40” x 27” movie poster sized files for FREE, (staring at you aardvark4lunch).





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I think both posters are great, but I don't think one is better than the other. Happy Cock Head, maybe you have experience in this kind of image editing, but that doesn't mean you need to come in this thread, discourage the one who probably put a lot of work in his project and based his price on the amount of effort he had put into it. I know his price seems exagerated for some, but today's generation is used to cheap stuff. The way you responded to this thread and stole the spotlight seems mean for the one who originally created this post only to share his great work, and maybe get money out of it. That's all I have to say. I don't want to choose a side in this what-is-the-best-poster war. I hope you get what I'm trying to say.



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BlockMaster. I get what you are putting down. And furthermore I applaud you for your, soft middle finger. I would like to make a few observations though if I may about your response. I do like the fact that you acknowledge that, maybe I have experience in this kind of image editing, and I accept the compliment. I also did notice that you say I have discouraged aardvark4lunch. The “artist” himself hasn’t made any such claims, that is pure speculation at this point and frankly he may not appreciate you speaking for him at this time. You also said you know his price seems exaggerated for some. The only thing I can conclude from you stating the obvious is that pretty much you undervalue the back breaking time that he must have clearly put into this.  You also feel the need to speak for an entire generation by stating they are used to cheap stuff. You have now offended me. I am part of that very generation you speak of. You should be thanking me here, I am pretty much a modern-day robin hood. aardvark4lunch is King John and has tried to ensnare you in his seedy business model to possibly make millions of dollars off people like you, but I saw through his dazzling drop shadows with my expertise and stole the spotlight to give you a better, more polished SQ movie poster. That’s better then cheep my friend, that’s a gift. So you see Block master, you are now not only the master of blocks but you are also the master of my heart because what you said took moxie.


Thank you and remember to download my free movie poster as gift to you.





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