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  1. Xenon was around well before the events of SQ4. This is to be a Prequel to SQ1. ... I'll tell you what %, hopefully, a little while from now. I was working on the game again quite a lot last week/weekend--most fun I've had in awhile. I'll keep you guys updated.
  2. This is an improvement of the first screen I ever showed for the project. It took me about a week (couple hours a day) to fix it up some. This helps give an idea of he quality of the games sci art. There will also be a genuine wide-screen feel. The resolution is much larger than your typical sci game. (Obviously, I'm going to be using a different engine to pull this off.) Anyhow, I just wanted to show you all something, in return for the long disappearance. I have other screens I've been working on, but I'd like to keep most of them private til the game's release. And, of course, this one, although nearly done, is still missing a few little things, mainly being texturing and detail, to make it all look uniform, and a little less bland. I've spent my last efforts for this screen focusing mainly on the head and hair. This is just one head position. During the introduction, there will be many more sprites for it, as well as the lighting and screens, etc. Well, I hope you like it. For the record, I am currently calling my project the "Outer Edge of Earnon." I may change it's title upon release. I'm also simultaneously working on another adventure game. Unlike the fangame, it's a stand-alone work. An allegorical fantasy. I've found that having two unique projects to work on helps to produce more without feeling like you need as many breaks. (Wish I'd found that out 3 years ago. ) Ah well. Johnathon
  3. Hey Guys, Thank you for your responses. Haven't worked on OEOE for a very long time now (have to be honest about that). All the pressure and responsibility of being a brand new parent of a wonderful baby boy (2/8/16), graduating from university, and moving and acquiring my first serious white-collar job has kept me quite busy. Things are still looking really, really bleak in terms of how much debt I have. I struggle with anxiety much of the time. But I've kept good care of the progress I've made on OEOE, and have thought about it quite occasionally. I'm thinking I may be able to continue work on it again soon (it would certainly serve as a great coping mechanism!), but I've been tied up alot the last few months trying desperately to get a house via the USDA program. I don't mean to dump all this personal baggage here; I just want to illustrate how swamped I've been and that I'm still very passionate about this project. I do believe it will eventually take flight again, so don't get your hopes too down.
  4. Mid-flight Hunger? Welcome to (1/4) One/FourthMeal The meal between the beginning and end of the meal Feed the Fleet!
  5. Really did it for me! Hilarious. Just what I needed this evening. Still can't wait 'til the game is released! A real shame it wasn't in time for Father's Day this year (planning on getting an extra copy for my dad). Well, there's Christmas, I suppose.
  6. Oh, what a bummer.
  7. Poor Gary, I heard this news the day after it had occurred. Just didn't really know what to say or do about it. We can take solace in that it seems he led a very full and wholesome life. Definitely will be sorely missed. I'm feeling more anxious to play SpaceVenture now just so I can hear his most recent voice-acting that he'd done before his passing away, and when I play Space Quest 6 now on my 486, I feel sad knowing he won't be around to do anymore. Rest in Peace.
  8. Second that! It's so exciting to know this thing is coming out so soon from now. I can't wait!
  9. That, and the Goofy scream when Roger sticks his hand in the pool of acid. Best part of the game.
  10. Forgive me if I'm being opinionated or biased here, but... wouldn't it seem to be an undermining of the Two Guys' finally working together again, after so long - and most notably without having to answer to some corporate penny-squeezer(s) - for them to decide to dice SpaceVenture up into an episodic release? I must be honest and say that the very idea sits very ill with me. I don't believe I'd like it at all. Then again, it is the Two Guys... so I'm sure if they decide it of their own free will, then there must be a good reason for it - one which enhances the game experience rather than does the opposite. EDIT: @JimmyTwoBucks Much the same feelings here, but I'll add my two cents in saying that I believe it would also be a bad idea to release the game episodic even temporarily. What the Guys need to do is make the best damned impression that they can with it, from the get-go. Having episodic releases would only dwindle the punching force of a later full release. It's not like they aren't way behind schedule as it is (saying this not out of criticism, but just for making the point that if people weren't still interested nor didn't still want a full release - well... you know...) What they need to do is take advantage of the fact that those really looking forward to the game have accepted that it's going to be late, and just keep on chugging on underneath of that moral bubble, to deliver a full, epic gaming experience.
  11. Alright, I finished beating the demo (the long way), and have skim read this thread, and would like to add a couple points I don't believe have been brought up (possibly they have). 1) Perhaps this is not intended to persist into the final game, but I notice that when Rooter activates the forklift and it begins rolling out of the way, Ace decides to go ahead and walk along-side it before it's even completely out of the little 'pocket' it had been nestled into (and he does so successfully), indicating that he could have fit through and been able to slide/walk along-side it without Rooter having turned in on in the first place. Other such occurrences exist elsewhere, such as when Ace walks through the lab door: he appears to actually walk through the side glass rather than the opening itself. This occurrence is less subtle, and I am fairly certain ya'll are already aware of it and intend to polish it up, but as for the case above with the forklift: although it's not as obviously a bug, to me it feels like quite a blooper, and detracts from the cleverness of the game. 2) I find it quite... "insensible?" that Ace needs to turn the vice-grip in order to visually see the last drill bit. The whole thing feels quite unnatural, as someone put it earlier in this thread in relation to sliding the toilet paper around to find the keycard - only I feel in this case more obviously unnatural (because I can more easily imagine Ace not wanting to make a mess of the janitor cart than I can see him being blinded to a drill bit until spinning a vice grip). Perhaps I'm just too much the analyzing type, but I imagine Ace's point of view would not really render him blind to the drill bit, and it would be more natural to just be able to slide it out of the way to look more "intentionally" at what may be behind it. In real life, were I searching through a closet, I would not position my head permanently behind a vice-grip at an exact angle and then start playing with it because I think there may be something behind it that I can see between the grips. Granted, regarding point 2 above, these kinds of quirks have always existed in adventure games. I just wanted to share my reaction to it. I feel it sort of detracts from the immediacy of the experience and reminds the player that he's/she's playing a precise puzzle/hotspot game, rather than working through an adventure. I'd like to reference Cliffy's toolbox in SQ5 now: it seemed to follow more naturally the protagonist's intentions, as Roger was able to simply shove aside anything he wasn't interested in as he continued his combing through of the toolbox for anything that might be useful. The fact that Ace seems incapable of observing and/or manipulating a view before him with greater... "omnipotency?" makes him seem stupid and restricted unnecessarily, and that because he wasn't bright enough to think about turning or leaning his head around the vice grip, or simply shoving the item over, he got bored and decided to spin the vice grip with the alan bit and then just happened to get lucky enough to notice a bit by looking between the grips (this is especially unnatural because... what was his motivation for spinning the vice grip open?) I also agree with the overall sentiment in this thread regarding the majority of the puzzles being simply object moving/sliding and hand swiping interactions. It's quite below the par of clever puzzles that have come before them in earlier space quest games, and I too hope that this is not the intended ratio of puzzle types (tablet-savvy finger swiping and object moving / clever intellectual designs) for the final product. All this having been said, the demo was quite enjoyable. I love the artistic style, atmosphere, and music. I'm really looking forward to further updates, especially tomorrow!
  12. Ahh... So there is quite more to it after all. It turns out, I selected to play as rooter and walked through the steam. Ace follows him without getting hurt by it. Then I opened the lab with the keycard, opened all specimen containers, and it was the end of the demo. I thought to myself, "that was pretty cool, but a bit short." I didn't have to move crates, stick rooter's head in a vent, or anything like that.
  13. Happy Birthday, Scott!!!
  14. I'm curious about this too. Anyone know?
  15. Please take what I have to say below with a grain of salt, as it is only my immediate sense on the matter. Nonetheless, given that I probably don't have as much know-how or background information as some of you guys do on Trowe, given what I did witness him saying here on this board months ago, and what he's just posted now on the update, here is what I honestly think; clear-cut, and non-sugar-coated. I could be wrong on some points or even on all, but anyhow: If you ask me, Paul does believe in the project, and he does not believe that it is going to fail, and that is why he is behaving the way that he is. He is jealous of the Two Guys. He is jealous of the uniqueness and quality of the product they're producing, in comparison to his own resevoir of accomplishments at replay, and he is threatened by the idea of the project being finished and being successful. I also believe that some of the influence to his sour behavior roots back to some bad blood between him and Mr. Scott Murphy, and the possibility that Paul, in some twisted sense, feels that Scott owes him something, because, unfortunately, Mr. Trowe doesn't seem to possess a true understanding of the concept of "charity" towards a friend. He seems, for example, to hold the unfortunate misconception that charity by definition means to help someone who is desperately in need so that you can grow him/her as a plant later on, only to cash in for your "friendly deed," because that is the easiest and most personally beneficial application of the virtue. (See Paul's attitude here) And, I also believe that holding the position of CEO of a company implies it's own unique stresses. And I think, as others have mentioned already, that he is also jealous of Chris Pope. And... most notably... I believe that the more he continues, as he has been, the better he's going to make SpaceVenture look, and possibly the worse his own company. I take no pleasure in the irony of it for his company's detriment, but I must say, if it helps the Two Guys... ...not that they need it, Paul, not that they need it. Again, I could be wrong, but this is what I've taken away from what I've seen over the past year. You guys tell me if I'm making any careless judgements here.
  16. Talk about a disappointment! I remember myself continuing to think it was simply behind schedule, for the first intitial year or two, and when I finally realized it wasn't going to happen, disappointment made a permanent settling in. Sucked it did. Made a developer wannabe out of me. Well, at least a more obsessive one than I had been prior to that betrayal.
  17. Happy Birthday, Frans!!! I feel like we attended grade school together!
  18. And now that you bring this up, I just thought I'd add: I think I recall Scott and Mark mentioning (or someone else saying they mentioned, during an interview, not necessarily recently, but years ago), that it was because of the "current" (of that time) goings on that Space Quest 4 resulted as such a dark game. However, Space Quest 4 is a jewel of its own species (still worthy of being part of the series, in every respect, I think; yet so unique in its apocalyptic undertone), and I do believe such is one of the most invaluable qualities of a great author and storyteller; that is, to be able to utilize his/her current state of mind, whether on the up or down, to inspire his/her work in a way which brings it to life in an honest and convincing way. I realize we're discussing a comedic series here, but I think the concept still applies. In any form of creative expression, an author's desire must be into it if it's going to be worth expressing to others - and that means if the work needs to ring a little close to home for the author, or to a degree serve as a means of therapeutic outlet, then, all the better - so long as it is balanced and doesn't completely overtake the work. Perhaps I'm projecting too much my own strategy and values here. I'm not certain exactly how Scott and Mark have felt throughout the years; but every work is an expression and revelation of its creator(s), that is unavoidable. Just try and tell me for a moment, even looking at Space Quest 3, that the whole bit about the Software Pirates ruining the series, and the cubicles with the overworked programmers being whipped wasn't a form of comedic outlet, or displacement therapy. And, if you ask anyone, they'll probably tell you they found it funny as hell when they played it. From what I've read here, I have no doubts that Scott and Mark have every ability they need to make SQ7, and if they decided to (even and despite whatever feelings from the present or past that reside) it would still be awesome. It's simply a matter of whether or not they desire enough to do it.
  19. Well... I've done my good deed for the day. Wish it was this simple every time.
  20. Well... absolutely, it MUST be a labor of love, and if the Two Guys were up to doing it, it would be. It's also because the series itself doesn't take itself to seriously (the plot of the 3rd one had Roger rescuing its creators from software pirates, for crying out loud! ), I don't see where/how reviving it after all these years would present the typical issues that generally come along with trying to slip new chapters into a resurrected series (despite whatever plot inconsistencies or multiple authors/teams-of-authors there have been. I honestly feel that if it were revived, it could be great. Nonetheless, SpaceVenture is very exciting news, and so long as the TGfA continue to produce something, whether SV, SQ, or both, I will continue to follow with great enthusiasm and purchase up every chapter/sequel that comes along. It goes without saying that it would not be good for them to feel obligated to revive a series they don't currently have the motivation to work on. SpaceVenture can, as you say, serve as a good familiar turn in direction. I just think it wouldn't be nearly as problematic or unwelcome as it may seem, provided we have our dependable authors and they feel like doing it.
  21. Hahaha! I admit, that's exactly what I was thinking too when I read it. I just didn't want to be the one to say it.
  22. Why not the "Google Plexers"?
  23. Odd how I had that impression. Could've sworn I read it somewhere in the credits or the design commentaries/about. It was a good 5 years ago now though.
  24. I of course wasn't privy to all the details of the design team or how they worked together; but Mandel's designed several professional games (including SQ6), and if I recall correctly, he put in a good bit of help (not only voice-acting, but design help) in for AGDI's King's Quest games (which, in my opinion, were EVERY bit as good as the officials if not better.) The project always came across to me such that it was very well managed and there was a solid hierarchy of development team organization and quality assurance. With Mandel in the loop, I have every confidence it would've been good enough to be considered official. He's an official former author, after all. Of course, it would be unique to what the Two Guys would come up with, but quality nonetheless. And... If the Two Guys get the rights, I suppose I just feel it would be the most romantic thing if all that well-led, well-managed effort (helmed partly by an official former author), could finally come to fruition, since I'm under the impression it's basically complete but just legally disallowed from being distributed. I think it would be the most welcome thing if Scott and Mark were to allow to release the game once they have the rights to it, and then, themselves (that is, the TGfA) pick up with SQ8.
  25. Yell at you for asking it...? I wish I could observe fans all across the web bugging the heck out of everybody as to SQ7 being released, because I want to see it happen too, and the noisy wheel usually gets the grease! SpaceVenture IS going to be very cool; but, of course, SQ7 is a possibility in the future, and from the Two Guys - need I say more? I hope they do get on their feet and get the legal power they need. EDIT: I want to follow up on this to add (I always seem to forget to do so, because I've been so excited about the Two Guys's dynamic game-design duo reuniting) - I'd be overjoyed to see them get the rights even if to allow the Josh Mandel and fan team game to be released, rather than designing it themselves. Space Quest 6 was very enjoyable, and I believe Mr. Mandel is familiar enough with the territory that he too can pull it off. Why not have it released considering it's already been finished? Fact is, I'd be happy to play an SQ7 designed by the brilliant TGfA duo OR the Mandel designed fan-team version, and I'd consider either one to be official. That having been said, whichever SQ7 we DO wind up playing, there must be a Space Quest 8 and others sequels coming. When I was a young child (12), just before it was cancelled, I'd imagined Roger's adventures would span at least twice as many as have been published, and I don't desire to let up on that expectation now that the Two Guys are forming a new company!