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Cool odd glitch from SQ4!

Sir Procestuous

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I'd wanted to share this a while ago, but for whatever reason that I'm sure made sense at the time, I got distracted and forgotten about it until today, when the old nostalgia pangs attacked and I fired up SQ4!


Unfortunately, I don't remember the *exact* circumstances for how this very cool and odd "glitch" happened. I believe Roger was about to cross screens as one of the SP successfully opened fire...and when it switched to the next screen surprisingly Roger was still ALIVE, but suffering from some odd side effects!


I've uploaded the saves for anyone who wants to see for themselves. I'm using the 1.2 CD Version upgrade by NRS.



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Ahh...that makes sense. You just wait to pick up the unstable ordinance until you get back to SQ12 later on and fly back up the ship, never taking the ordinance down the sewer vent. Neat. I've never tried that.


Actually... I don't think that's the case. Even if you return to the streets of Xenon later in the game to get the ordinance, there's no way to get back on board the SP patrol ship unless you go back into the sewers - which triggers the death. As I understand it, the only way to get the ordnance is to trigger the glitch.

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I repicated it! In the debug.


How to do it :


1. Teleport to room 40.


2. Then, teleport to room 45. The yellow ship will be there.


3. Teleport to room 60.


4. Then, teleport to room 55.


5. Exit to the right while the Space Police shoots.


6. Enjoy Roger's new walk cycle. :)

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Actually it is possible to get the unstable ordnance without hacks/debug. I did that several years ago. What you need to do is:


1) Play without DosBox. Set game's speed to maximum;

2) After you get out of the sewers go one screen north;

3) Return to the previous screen as fast as you can (sequel policemen won't be able to shoot you because the game is too fast);

3) Now you can safely pick up the unstable ordnance;

4) Go one screen north and one screen east. Save the game;

5) Restore  your saved game in DosBox;

6) Go one screen south and get into the ship.



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Sorry for the bump, but I managed to accidentally replicate this glitch on a playthrough tonight on my DOS PC. It happens when the Sequel Policeman shoots Roger at the same time as Roger is leaving the screen, causing the walk animation to become the death-by-shooting animation. I captured a video of it with my camera, would anyone be interested in a YouTube upload of it?

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Very nice! I think I vaguely remember my friend showing me something like this at one point.


By the way, I hope you don't get in trouble for monetizing the video. Maybe you didn't mean to click to enable ads.


Also, every time I hear that music... sigh... it does things to me. Love the music in that game.

thanks for pointing the monetization out. I have it set up to automatically apply to my new videos and forgot to disable it on this one (though it won't matter so much since it's unlisted - i'll remove it anyway).


and I'm totally with you on the music. Ken Allen did a magnificent job.

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Interestingly, when I was 11-years-old, I witnessed an identical (in nature) glitch in police quest 2, during the part of the game when Sonny Bonds gets fired at in the park by Jessie Bains (shortly before the scuba diving scene). To avoid being killed by him, but getting him to run away, I tapped the left and right keys as quickly as possible to enter and exit the screen hopefully without taking the bullet. Apparently I'd taken the bullet simultaneously to exiting the screen, but the game didn't register the event as a death, so I walked all the way back to my car to report the incident, over radio, via 'falling-down-with-blood-coming-out-of-my-chest' sprites as I walked.

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