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Great job! Really fantastic work. Kinda reminded me of the intro to Delphine's Flashback, if you've ever played that, although you really nailed the SQ3 style (and I love that you used original sprites, like the Guys walking animation, or the warp animation!). I'm adding this to the Two Guys From Andromeda Google+ page immediately.

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Okay, hang on just a second. I'll reply to this thread as soon as I finish laughing.





...*sniff* Hookay, I'm good.


"Freakin' hilarious" doesn't even begin to describe this. Gorgeous animation (I agree with Troels, I get a distinct "Another World/Flashback" vibe from this) with hilariously perfect comedic expressions where appropriate. Excellent re-use of SQ3 assets, both for comedy and to drive home the theme of the video.


Which, I'll honestly say, is what makes this *so* damned funny. It's basically Space Quest 3 inverted - here, it's the Two Guys rescuing *Roger* from the hands of an evil software development company. It's a brilliant idea and I'm downright embarassed that nobody around here came up with it before now - the parellels between the plot of SQ3 and the SQ trademark issues nowadays are obvious in hindsight. Man, we're getting lazy. <_<


I also watched the "Bear" shorts while I was at it. :lol:



Hmm...Mark and Scott don't seem to deal well with being shot at. Good thing Roger's used to it.

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I don't think Astro Chicken is loaded with explosions, in the sense that he automatically detonates whenever he comes in contact with something ... but hey, artistic license. Just seeing Scott's face before he springs the feathery little weasel is priceless. :)


The animation of the ScumSoft guard getting gunned down is my personal favorite. Not because he gets gunned down, mind you, but the animation in that particular moment is just jaw-droppingly spectacular.

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I regret not having watched this sooner. Spectacular!


It's basic, but it's right on que. Very witty, funny, and nostalgiac. I particularly appreciate the part at 2:08, when you have Scott spinning on the floor and Mark running in circles! I love it!! (Among other clever parts, like elmo opening fire and astro chicken wanting out.) :lol:


Great piece!

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