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Help us come up with some hilarious meal names for Taco Nova!


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Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood SpacePope here. We hope everyone is excited about the latest SpaceVenture update (Click here to view). Not that the Two Guys are out of hilarious ideas, but we thought it would be fun to get the community involved on this. We'd like your ideas for funny content for Taco Nova. In fact, if your ideas are good, we might even steal appropriate them for use in SpaceVenture!


So here is what we are looking for:


  • Meal names
  • Combo names
  • Beverage Names
  • Advertisement Slogans

You can submit them here by replying to this thread.


Thanks so much everyone! Here is a little inspiration for ya. :)


Chris Pope





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- Spaceadilla

- Nova Nachos (smothered in our special flatulenty sauce)

- Colonic Dynamite enchilada

- Meteorite Nacho Delite

- Burrito (beef, chicken, or orat)

- $539,000 - Super Nova Supreme (you pay up front, we cook it for three years, and deliver it to you when we think it is good and ready)

-Chef Scott's galaxy-famous Guacamurphy and chips

-Orion's Tummy Rumblin' Tostado


"Please refrain from vomiting until at least three feet from counter"

"Taco Nova will set off a supernova... in your colon!"

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I had this one on Twitter: "The Bowel Buster Beef Bomb."


Also, a couple of other disgusting ideas:


The Skid Mark Surprise Super Fun Meal


Communion Wafer Nachos (so thin they're practically one-dimensional!)


Quasardilla with extra Suicide Sauce


and, of course


The Retroactive Abortion Chili Dipper.

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Quasar Quesadillas


Huevos Radioactivos


Black Hole Belcher (beverage/soft drink)


The Pluto Platter (no one seems to agree on if it's a real platter or a dwarf platter)


The Hawking Meal (in theory it has everything)



I'll likely have a flash of genius 5 minutes after I click "post", so I guess I'll post again with better ideas later.

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The Ring of Fire "Hotter than Ortega"


Xenomorph Slice with Sticky cheese "rib bustingly good"


IT came from the kitchen-surprise platter "prepare for the experience of the lifetime"

Gort Giblets "Even we were surprised it had any"

Klaatu Clams "Depending on the vintage, they might be wooden"

Brundle Wings "For every flyboy"

Ceno Bites "There's no party without Ceno Bite"


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Furrito (How long has that been sitting out? Who knows! But we assure you that green and fuzzy meat is perfectly normal)


Supernova Salsa or Supernova Nachos (Experience the flaming hot explosion of flavour from both ends!)


Meteor Meal or Comet Combo  (Comes with Nacho Taco, one side, and a medium beverage of choice. Comes with 50% off coupon for your next E.R visit and a toy for the kids)


Big Bang Belcher (90% carbonation, 10% what the heck is this stuff?!)


Chalupa Cleanse (Guaranteed to "clear out" your system)


Uranus Burner


and wife contributed the following:


Timelord Taco - it's timeless.
The Loaded Launcher - use your imagination.
Cosmic Corn Chunks - Fried chicken and corn nuggets.
Refried Rice - life just got interesting.
Quazar Queso Dip: Intergallactic awesome made for dipping chips, vegetables, and why not even your fingers into! So finger-licking good!
Space Salsa - made from leftover space food with some random red toothpaste - just don't smell while eating.
Chunky Churros - Don't eat too many or you'll take after the desert itself.
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@ Troels Pleimert : Sorry buddy! I just had a wave of ideas when I saw this on Facebook and came charging with them without giving much though to the posts that were there before! Kinda surprised I didn't repeat more previously used names! :P


Just thought up a slogan : "The spice must flow... so do your bowels!"

No problem. :) Hahaha, I love the slogan!

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My father and I worked out a few ideas :



Simulated Protozoic Enyzme Activated Meatloaf
(inspired by SPAM) : post-1712-0-34358700-1420417229_thumb.jpg
Space Kraken
Eat it before it eats you.
Freshly roasted on Xenon!
THE Supernova (Drink)
Explodes with flavor directly in your mouth... literally.
Burn-me-to (Burrito)
Nobody's gonna have to pull your finger.
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