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My nick is DanToo Dee or before that Dee. Currently 34 years old, married and expecting a child this December (which will not have any SQ-related names, but my wife is called Beatriz).


Been into Sierra and mainly SQ for about 25 years now, and been quite active in the SQ community for some time. I contributed to the SQ.Net website when I befriended Frans, and revamped SQFanG. I was also a part of the SQ7.org development team, composing the soundtrack for the sadly abandoned game.


I think about 12 years ago after finishing my favourite (SQ3) was the day I stumbled into the #sq channel. I quickly warmed up to some active members there like Jeysie, Justas, Frans, Alistair, ColinD, Captain Ascii, Chris, Diane and a few more. They encouraged me to subscribe to The Virtual Broomcloset and later SQ.Net’s first rendition of a forum.


I also started working on a fan game (SQ-2: The Xenonian Corruption) together with KainEnable, Alistair (Spikey), Snippy and for a short time Turtlewax and Justas. Sadly real life occupied our time too much, so it never got finished. I still have a lot of music and backgrounds lying around, plus the script… Ah, well, too bad.


Nowadays, when I occasionally find a few minutes between my job as an ICT Manager for 35 techies, my social love/life or my love for composing and producing music, I lurk around the JT a bit.


Well, see ya guys!!



-DanToo Dee!

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HI All,

let me introduce myself now.


So I'm Stéphane, 37 years old, living in France with my wife and our 3-years ols boy.

I work in the IT departmet of an insurance company.


I really start playing sierra games (and even computer games) with SQ3 when I was 12.

I remember to have bought later a SB pro express to play SQ games.


Some years ago we tried with some other guys (vonster d monster, ...) to make another SQ fan Game (called Vohaul's mines).

But unfortunately it never comes to life.


Since 2006 I help Spikey with the SierraMusicCentral website.

I discovered SQ on internet with Frans's website.

And since some years I am and admin here.

of course I have also been far from that SQ community since my boy arrived in our family.

But with the new TG game I am back and happy to see you all around here.




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Hi all,


I'm Warren, 33, from Canada. I've been a computer programmer for 15+ years now and work for a company that makes websites and mobile apps. I've been a Space Quest fan since I was 9 or 10 years old and was first introduced to Sierra games at a friends house who showed me PQ1 on his family PC. Once my dad upgraded our old VIC 20 to a used IBM PS/2 Model 30 (with an 8MHz 8086 processor and MCGA graphics no less!), I couldn't get enough of these games. Overcoming the technical limitations of that old PS/2 in order to play these games is really what got me into computers in the first place. Talk about sticking a square peg in a round hole, I used to take my newest Sierra game to a friends house because they had a high density disk drive, ARJ it into multiple volumes on low density disks, then copy and unARJ them onto my sweet 20MB hard drive (read: Max ~10MB game). Thank god that thing had 640K of RAM. (For those of you in your 20's this probably sounds like a 'When I was your age, I walked uphill both ways!' story.)


Over the years I've lurked around the SQ corners of the web and had a couple brief interactions with the community. I've also been fortunate to be one of the people chosen to help sort out some of the audio/video difficulties with the SpaceVenture podcasts and commentaries.


Anyway, I figured it's better late than never to stop lurking and step out of the shadows. What a great time to be an adventure game fan.

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Whats up eveyone, my names Pyzik, im 28 and i live in connecticut. I am a lab technician at a company that makes super conductors for the magnets that power up mri machines. I have been a fan of space quest since 1989, my first memory of playing space quest i was 5 and i was at my uncle joes (rip) house n he was playing space quest 3. After watching him play he saw that i was so amazed and amused by the game he let me play and since then i became hooked on space quest. I have to say space quest is still my favorite game and im thrilled that mark and scott reunited and that spaceventure is on its way. I did pledge money towards their kickstarter and ive been monitoring all these awesome videos, posts, podcasts, comments, etc since back in june, the reason ive been silent until now is because during the time of the kickstarter i was working 3rd shift so i couldnt really go to any of the live chats cause i was sleeping during the day but i did catch up with everything while i was at work n was constantly checking my phone to see if the kickstarter fund went up. I actually have been monitoring all these space quest websites for years just hoping that some kind of miracle can happen, i was devasted when i found out that sq7 was cancelled. I remember back in 96 when i first got the internet using netscape navigator, i typed in space quest and the 1st site that showed up was the virtual broomcloset and then wilcos domain, festers world of wonders the list goes on. When all this awesome tga and spaceventure news came around i recognized some of the fans names like jess who created the virtual broomcloset and troels who wrote the sq faq and im pretty sure he wrote some fan fiction, the sq1 novel i believe but nobody has heard of me which is why i decided to crawl outta the orat cave and join the crowd. I guess ive been silent all these years cause i have trouble thinking what to say which is why im blabbing on here, but i guess i feel like i can relate to u fans out there.

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Hello, All.


Finally got around to browsing over here after getting involved in the KickStarter.


I'm a 39 year old Technology Architect for 1,000+ retail stores that you (or your wife) probably know. My wife & I live in sunny Southwest Florida. My first computer gaming memories go back to the Commodore ViC20 playing Scott Adams text adventure games. My first Sierra game was KQ1 (borrowed from a schoolmate) that I played on my Tandy 1000. The first Sierra game that I bought was Space Quest for that same Tandy... in fact, I've immortalized it. (http://www.liquidsilence.com/journal/2012/5/27/space-quest-floppy-disk-shadow-box.html)


Posted Image

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I'm Javacat and some of you may recall me from my old alias, "JesseJames". I was a bit of a troll, wrote complete nonsense and caused a bit of trouble at times. I first appeared in a Space Quest community when I emailed Jess in 1999, when I contacted him with a query about SQ7 (I had forgotten about this, was just looking for when I joined that site and found the email from Jess :D ) and then registered in the SubSpace Channel not long after it was created in mid 2000.


Anyway, after joining the SubSpace Channel I moved into #sq and was a member of the JT for a while, although not so active in there. I stopped visiting the JT a long time ago but always stayed on #sq for some reason (nostalgia?). It was pretty much dead in #sq, with only me and PCJ in it for a few years, with E1ven occasionaly appearing. A year or so ago I switched into the channel after I saw something had been said and was surprised to see a channel full of people with various ramblings about the Two Guys reappearing :D


Didn't pay too much attention after this, just taking a little peek at the new game coming up and occasionally having a little gossip with Troels. Got a bit more of an interest now and finally decided to reappear on here!


Not much else to say, other than I've finally gotten an MT-32 and frickin love watching and listening to it whilst playing SQ3 :wub:


I should also probably get around to playing VSB now :ph34r:



Edit: Oh, my signature has just reminded me that I also did a HTML conversion of the Space Quest FAQ back in 2003. Totally approved by Troels :lol:

Edited by Javacat
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Welcome! Since the resurgeance of the community and interest in the Two Guys/Space Quest again, many long-time coming hatchets have been buried and friendships renewed, so it's good to see it continuing to happen.


My sincere congratulations on getting and MT-32. It is an amazing device!

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new to the forum, been coming to the site for a very long time, been a Space Quest Fan since 1992 when I was first introduced to SQ4 by a friend of mine, I later bought the SQ collection in 96 when it first came out seeing as I bought SQ5 the year before, as the years went on I was unable to play SQ on the newer operation systems and with Dial up at that time it was hard to get Dos Box set up until I finally got my hands on the XP Collection in 2007, I've played a lot of Sierra On Line games over the years, a lot I do miss playing including the old Dynamix Games such as Stellar 7 and Nova 9

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Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Josh, and some of you may know me from Twitter (@JDHJANUS). I've also been posting on the Sierra Planet boards (formerly the Sierra Nebula boards) for years now, and have been a Space Quest fan since I watched my mom and sister play the first 4 SQ games in 1990-1991. I look forward to being a part of the community, and will make an effort to stay active. Glad to be a part of one of the most awesome fandoms in Sierra history!


Talk to you later!




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Hi all! My name is Jonny, and I'm from a small town in Sweden called Ljungby. I have been here before with the alias Hiddenite, but now I'm here through my twitter account @GuyfrAndromeda.


I'm a 30+ gamer, plays almost anything but good old dos/pc games and particularly Sierra games are my favourite. Space Quest was amongst the first games I tried on computer and they're the first games to be installed on any computer I have. Besides just playing games I occasionally upload game videos to Youtube, mostly connected to my beloved MT-32. GuyFromAndromeda is my alias there if you'd like to see.


I'd be happy for any kind of contact, either here or on twitter. I'm on my own irl with my passion for old adventure games and Sierra so the chance to talk to you all is greatly appreciated.


Well, that's me very shortly. Looking forward to hear from you :)

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Okay. My name is Steve, I'm almost 41 years old and I'm a graduate student in Finance living in California. Space Quest I was the first actual adventure game I played. I was the kind of person who needed a hint book to get through the game. I am single with no kids, although there is a girl living in Virginia that I am going to visit next year and has been helping me with my social graces, something I've been known to be notoriously deficient in. I enjoy a lot of different kinds of games, mostly the fast-paced stuff like God of War or Assassin's Creed, but also have a soft spot for adventure games since I played a lot of them growing up. I had no cash to contribute to this game, but I was glad to see the two guys from Andromeda get the money for this game. One thing that made Space Quest actually stand out to me was the humorous ways the game had to let you know you screwed up.


Yes, I'm a nudity lover, but I also like a good laugh, so Space Quest always filled the latter void. :)

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