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What's up with SpaceVenture?


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Things are looking impressive.


Can a representative from SpaceVenture say categorically that you aren't out of money? It would be terrible if you guys did what the Coles did and claim that the game is coming in the fall and then shortly thereafter announce that you're broke and beg for more donations. It would hurt your credibility terribly.


As long as the thing gets done and you keep us updated (and are honest with backers), it should all end well.

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Chris already categorically stated in a recent update that they were not. Out. Of. Money. That really should be good enough.


There is also no way in hell that they'd launch another Kickstarter without conferring with those of us who helped promote the first one, so I am happily enough in the know to tell you that this simply has not happened.


I seriously don't know why you keep going back to this; it has been refuted by people in the know several times, but it keeps falling on deaf ears. What are we gonna do - have the poor man post a bank statement every month?

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I just want to say that I really respect the team for hanging in there, plowing away and staying determined to get this done. All of the art, animation and music I've seen and heard has been excellent and has been better than I expected. I don't know what the writing or gameplay will be like exactly, but I don't have any special reason to worry about it. I just hope they don't go soft/safe with the comedy, but instead hark back to the style of humor in SQ4. My main criticism is with the frequency and substance of the updates and not really hearing from the main designers, that I know of, for long periods. I think I read somewhere on here that Scott Murphy is on Twitter all the time, so maybe I have missed a lot, since I am not a Twitter person. But I think it is odd that we are not hearing from them more. I think some jittery people would feel more reassured hearing from them. It's like when our country is attacked. We want to hear from the guy in charge, the president, immediately and live from the Oval Office, speaking calmly, confidently and showing that he is in control, as he explains the measures he is taking for defense or counterattack. Basically, I think it would be great to see and hear from the captains of SpaceVenture on a more regular basis. I can sympathize with Chris Pope, since it seems like he has a difficult job being the guy having to maintain a smile, standing outside closed gates, trying to placate an anxious crowd wanting to see the work going on behind the gates. And it probably doesn't help that he wasn't as well known to people as the Two Guys.


So bravo to you all for working hard to deliver what was promised. To be able to say, "we said we'd build this if you funded our Kickstarter, and we did it," will be huge. So what if it's a little late. If you guys pull this off, it will be a win for the ages.

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As for the money set aside for voiceovers, there are so many very competent, professional actors who aren't celebrities and whose asking fees won't break the bank. I work in Hollywood and know that there are many, many people needing work. And, really, there's great talent all over. I just think that finding "names" for the cast should be the least of your concerns. It's all about the writing and the humor.

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