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Chat Log on #sq:


[16:21] <pcj_2> $493k!

[16:21] <pcj_2> daaaah

[16:21] <pcj_2> not yet not yet

[16:21] <pcj_2> twitchy trigger fingers :P

[16:21] <mjomble> new!

[16:21] <Jarikith_> Premature Exclaimation.. a sad syndrom indeed.

[16:22] <Dave2> -0.01

[16:22] <Dave2> !

[16:22] <Dat_Engineer> GAAAAAH

[16:22] <pcj_2> damn

[16:22] <Dat_Engineer> WE NEEDED THAT PENNY

[16:22] <pcj_2> a penny saved is a penny earned.

[16:22] <Dave2> -20 :(

[16:22] <Jarikith_> 493K!

[16:22] <Dave2> $493k!

[16:22] <pcj_2> ooooold

[16:22] <Dave2> -0.04 :(

[16:23] <pcj_2> wth

[16:23] <mjomble> goooold!

[16:23] <Jarikith_> I'm afraid you're too slow Dave2.

[16:23] <Dave2> I have a feeling we might make this one

[16:23] <pcj_2> why would you drop pennies

[16:23] <pcj_2> that would take more time than it's worth

[16:23] <mjomble> Not if you're employed as a penny dropper

[16:23] <pcj_2> 494k!

[16:24] <Dave2> +$899!

[16:24] <Jarikith_> Wow. Big jump there.

[16:24] <mjomble> 500K! ...crap, too early

[16:24] <MusiclyInspired> $5k left already??

[16:25] <Jarikith_> Just think of baseball mjomble, that will help.

[16:25] <pcj_2> 5661 actually

[16:25] <Dat_Engineer> Holy shit

[16:25] <nockgeneer> what was that about 2 hours....

[16:25] <MusiclyInspired> still it was $7k a minute ago

[16:25] <pcj_2> oh

[16:25] <nockgeneer> quote pcj: ooooolllllldddd

[16:26] <nockgeneer> 265!

[16:26] <MusiclyInspired> geez

[16:27] == SQHistorian [~troels@ubik-shakespeare.com] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

[16:27] * mjomble thinks about baseballs pledging money

[16:28] <MusiclyInspired> At this rate, it doesn't matter if all 3 $10k backers back out. We'll still raise it before the deadline if it keeps steady

[16:28] <pcj_2> *backs out*

[16:28] <Dat_Engineer> -100,000!!! Kidding.

[16:28] <mjomble> Sister's watching America's Top Model in the other room and I just heard someone say "Kickstart"

[16:28] <MusiclyInspired> seems to be stuck at $5546 left

[16:28] <pcj_2> OHHHH KICKSTART

[16:28] <MusiclyInspired> *$5446

[16:28] <pcj_2> wait, they watch America's Top Model in Estonia?

[16:29] <mjomble> Indeed

[16:29] <pcj_2> crazy

[16:29] <nockgeneer> still it's 4000 in 15 minutes

[16:29] <nockgeneer> o.O

[16:29] <mjomble> We've also had a couple other American shows on TV

[16:29] <pcj_2> you have TV? :o

[16:29] <Dat_Engineer> Place your bets

[16:29] <Dat_Engineer> 500K at 4:50PM

[16:29] <Dat_Engineer> or 1650 EST

[16:29] <pcj_2> is that in Denmark?

[16:30] <pcj_2> 500k before the hour is up :)

[16:30] <nockgeneer> EST is US/Canada, that's 2250 CEST

[16:31] <pcj_2> that rhymes with incest

[16:31] <Dat_Engineer> 494,715

[16:31] <nockgeneer> Okay, Denmark time then

[16:31] <mjomble> pcj_2: Yeap, we still have TV for backwards compatibility

[16:31] <nockgeneer> mjoble: lol

[16:31] <nockgeneer> awesome comeback

[16:31] <pcj_2> not really

[16:31] <Dave2> Denmark is in CEST with most of the rest of western Europe.

[16:31] <pcj_2> pretty standard actually

[16:32] <pcj_2> heheh you said denmark is incest

[16:32] <Dave2> $495k!

[16:32] <Jarikith_> 495K!

[16:32] <pcj_2> yaaaaay

[16:32] <pcj_2> 99%

[16:32] <MusiclyInspired> Is there goign to be a live stream towards the deadline?

[16:32] <Jarikith_> *shakes a fist* You win this time Dave2!

[16:32] <mjomble> ooooldish

[16:32] <pcj_2> i dont think we're going to make it guys

[16:33] <pcj_2> holy shit

[16:33] <Dat_Engineer> Suddenly my feet feel very very cold

[16:33] <pcj_2> $499819

[16:33] <Jarikith_> OMG!

[16:33] <Dat_Engineer> WHAT THE HELL

[16:33] <pcj_2> DO IT NOW

[16:33] <nockgeneer> What just happened...

[16:33] <pcj_2> PUSH THE BUTTONS

[16:33] <pcj_2> PUSH ALL THE BUTTONS

[16:33] <nockgeneer> * Jason is confuzzled

[16:33] <mjomble> lolwut

[16:33] <Dave2> 499k!

[16:33] <asdfasdf> whoa

[16:33] <Dat_Engineer> EVERYONE PLEDGE $10 MORE

[16:34] <mjomble> 497K! 497K! 498K! oooold

[16:34] <Arthur_D> 500

[16:34] <asdfasdf> done


[16:34] <Dave2> 500!

[16:34] <pcj_2> $500k!

[16:34] <SkyeFyre> WHOGWRHFASgsda

[16:34] <pcj_2> DING DING DING DING

[16:34] <Jarikith_> And all the people in the village rejoiced!

[16:34] <MusiclyInspired> WE DID IT

[16:34] <asdfasdf> FUNDED, BITCHES!

[16:34] * mjomble plays "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!"

[16:34] <MusiclyInspired> LOCKED IN

[16:34] <Dat_Engineer> Comment explosion on the KS page :D

[16:34] <nockgeneer> YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

[16:34] <Dave2> $502k!

[16:34] <pcj_2> *explodes*

[16:34] <Dave2> the fuck just happened?

[16:34] <MusiclyInspired> The $10k pledgers are stuck with it!

[16:34] <Dat_Engineer> AND WE DID IT ALL WITHOUT [redacted]

[16:35] <pcj_2> or with [redacted]

[16:35] <pcj_2> because he's stuck now

[16:35] <MusiclyInspired> $503k soon!

[16:35] <asdfasdf> Dat_Engineer: lol

[16:35] <asdfasdf> was thinking the same thing

[16:35] <pcj_2> that was Joe Cassara apparently btw

[16:35] <Dat_Engineer> IT'S STILL GOING UP

[16:35] <Dat_Engineer> 503K

[16:35] <pcj_2> -15

[16:36] <asdfasdf> MusiclyInspired: btw your SQ4 medley is awesome

[16:36] <MusiclyInspired> thank you keyboard man

[16:36] <pcj_2> ooooooold

[16:36] <mjomble>

[16:36] <Dat_Engineer> If I wasn't at work right now I would blast the SQ4 theme at full volume

[16:36] <MusiclyInspired> hehe

[16:36] <Dat_Engineer> Or the SQ6 theme

[16:36] <asdfasdf> do you have any more SQ covers?

[16:36] <Dat_Engineer> Either one works

[16:36] <MusiclyInspired> the closing SQ4 theme

[16:36] <MusiclyInspired> No but I plan to

[16:36] <asdfasdf> >:D

[16:36] <pcj_2> heh, all the cool stuff happens when Troels is offline

[16:36] <MusiclyInspired> I'm so happy

[16:36] <Dat_Engineer> Time for those stretch goals amirite MusiclyInspired? :D

[16:37] <MusiclyInspired> :D

[16:37] == SQHistorian [~troels@ubik-shakespeare.com] has joined #sq

[16:37] <mjomble> WOOOO


[16:37] <Dat_Engineer> LIVE IN SHAME

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There's nothing like coming home from a suckawith day @ work, logging onto your computer and searching up tgakick.com, to find that the kickstarter campaign for Ace Hardway is funded up to $499,000 (approx), and then refreshing the page and seeing that it has jumped over the $500,000 goal. It's the kind of uplift and joy likable to smelling the fresh laminated box of a new SQ installment that has just hit the shelves at Costco. :)

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Pretty fucking awesome... I am really looking forward to spending the upcoming months obsessing over every scrap of detail that comes out for the game.. its going to be fun... I also feel that I should probably make a Chris "Space" Pope LEGO figure.

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Wow, this exceeds my wildest, I was expecting 490K when I got home from work, optimistically.. This is just so great. And to think a week or so ago we all were worried this might not even make it.


As I said on the KS comments:

Thanks to everyone, special thanks to Chris Pope, Pcj and Troels, who have been instrumental in making this happen.. i'm practically in tears here :):D

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